EnerPrize ™ System

EnerPrize ™ technology puts Power in your Pocket. The proprietary technology that informs our experts also empowers our clients. EnerPrize ™ gives our clients unprecedented immediate access to a full array of vital energy use data including: tenant sub metering, utility and ESCO billing, hourly ISO electric pricing, interval energy consumption data, BMS set points, and demand response weather statistics all available on one platform – computer or mobile.


EnerPrize ™ Dashboard

EnerPrize ™ is the hub that connects all aspects of energy management on both a facility and a portfolio level. A full suite of modules and capabilities.

  • Real-time and historical data acquisition with trending and graphing tools
  • Tenants can view their usage in real time as well as historical data and billing information
  • Budget creation and compliance assurance monitoring tools
  • Demand response management
Demand Response

EnerPrize ™ Demand Response

Whether preparing for an event, monitoring participation at your facilities, or analysing the benefits of being a Demand Response resource, EnerPrize ™ gives you the ability to control and the information you need.

  • Real-time facts and remote management
    • Weather reports forecasting grid stress
    • Plans in place at your facility:
      • Curtailment or Generation
      • Ability to modify functions from anywhere with an internet connection

    • Compare Data between Multiple Properties
    • Today’s Energy Load

EnerPrize ™ Submetering

EnerPrize ™ is your power tool for data interaction: proprietary technology means unprecedented capability. For monitoring, billing, or savings comparisons, EnerPrize ™ is essential to submetering:

  • Monitor for accuracy and conservation
    • Enerprise lets you or your tenants access your property’s usage records from any location with internet access.
    • Compare usage across months and against other units

  • Maintain meter systems
    • Should an irregularity arise in a meter’s information, Energy Spectrum can utilize data compiled in EnerPrize ™ to find the root of the problem and send field engineers to quickly address the issue.

  • Bill tenants
    • Custom billing is available, in your formatting of choice, and on whatever day you choose.


Automated intelligence that can curtail load in response to both price signals as well as load conditions within the building, integrating price and peak avoidance.



Easy to use and scalable load control capabilities, interfacing with facility BMS, as well as directly with mechanical systems, as needed.



Provides a repository that allows for the storage of documents including bills, leases and one-line diagrams.



Customizable reporting engine for normalization and facility comparisons as well as utility billing, rate, and consumption analysis.