Bill Auditing

Your energy may be costing your business far more than it should be. Many owners are surprised to learn they have been losing significant sums based upon billing inaccuracies. With complex statements, errors can easily hide amid the details. Fortunately, Energy Spectrum’s expert analysts can examine your bills at no upfront cost, correcting errors, actually recovering past overpayments and ensuring you keep the money that is rightfully yours.

Benefit from expert diligence

Both the bundled and deregulated tariffs are riddled with respective issues that require monitoring and review, including gross receipt tax, time of use options, sales tax, alternative service classification, interruptible/temperature control scenarios, DC charges/conversions, monthly adjustment clause, monthly supply charge, usage/demand/load profiling, and special transmission and distribution tariffs. The tariff matrix is complex, and the rewards of proper investigation can be enormous.

Energy infrastructure improvement incentives