Energy Procurement

In the 1990’s, the landscape of the energy market changed considerably. The advent of deregulation gave consumers the ability to choose among different power suppliers. With different power suppliers comes different pricing and the potential to save - or lose - a lot of money. Energy Spectrum’s experienced professionals help your business negotiate this often uncertain territory to ensure you receive the most advantageous rates.

Deregulation: a vast opportunity

Consumers who have not shopped for better rates are typically receiving “default service” from the company who owns the grid that services their building. However, since deregulation, the charge for delivering the power to the consumer can now be separated from the charge for the power itself. Consumers may now have one company who produces their energy and a separate one who brings it to their home or business.

This allows consumers to choose who supplies their power and at what rates. The manner in which it gets to their buildings and indeed the energy itself remains the same as before.

How can we help?

How we can help

Energy Spectrum studies the market, knows the details, and leverages relationships with ESCOs to take advantage of every opportunity, utilizing competitive pricing structures and combined buying power to develop strategies to meet our clients’ demands while securing the most advantageous pricing, often below market average.

The freedom of deregulation creates many opportunities for real savings in energy markets; at the same time, inexperienced consumers can find themselves adversely impacted by plans with high rates or unfavorable terms. Entering into an energy contract is not something to be done lightly.

Energy Spectrum understands the contours of the deregulation landscape. Let us get your business the right plan at the best price.