Demand Response

When the grid is stressed and power companies risk blackouts, they turn to Demand Response participants to help. Whether by reducing their power draw (curtailment) or generation of power (production), buildings realize significant financial gains through participation. Using technology and team members, Energy Spectrum custom tailors your involvement to ensure the least disruption and the most financial positivity for your business.

EnerPrize ™ Demand Response Key Features

Negative Watts to Positive Revenues

During a Demand Response Event, participating buildings or Resources decrease their draw of electricity, thereby providing more power for other consumers. Rather than taking watts from the grid, these resources, through their reduction, produce “negawatts”. These demand response participants together create a virtual power plant, for energy providers to rely upon if an Event should occur.

Negative Watts Positive Revenues
Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Utilize generators for emergency power to systems such as telecommunications, elevators, and lighting.


Manufacturing Facilities

Turn off unnecessary machines and adjust settings for strategic energy reduction.

Community Hospitals

Community Hospitals

Utilize existing backup generators otherwise in place for emergency power of equipment.

The Event

The Event

In our age, interior climate control makes up the most significant cause of energy demand. Accordingly, most Events occur as a result of temperature extremes in a given region.

  • Energy providers carefully monitor weather reports to anticipate days with significant temperature changes.
  • When an Event is likely to occur in the near future, energy companies notify participating Resources providing notice at least the day before the event.
  • Resources then reduce their energy accordingly during the prescribed time.
  • Demand decreases, the event ends, and Resources resume their usual course of use.

Manner of Participation

During a Demand Response Event, all Resources reduce their energy use. However, facility owners have a choice as to the affect of this participation on their buildings. The two manners are:

  • Curtailment - Facilities implement measures to reduce their electricity use during an Event, e.g.: powering down unnecessary equipment or turning off certain components.
  • Generation - Powering up alternative systems to provide energy which would have otherwise been drawn from the grid.
Manner of Participation
Energy Audit

How we can help

Energy Spectrum can usher your facility into participation as a Resource in a number of ways:

  • Analyse which method of accomplishing your reduction, either Curtailment or Generation, is most suitable for your needs.
  • Evaluate and test your facility’s equipment to prepare for enrollment.
  • Help you decide which program, Con Edison or NYISO, is best for your facility based upon a number of variables and Energy Spectrum’s knowledge of the intricacies of each.
  • Determine exactly how many kiloWatts your facility can contribute as negative watts.
  • Assist with the bid-in process, wherein the facility becomes enrolled in a program of participation with an energy provider.

Reduce Harmful Emissions

Our software “learns the building,” static pressure, tenancy, etc. In fact, there are even intrinsic unique forecasting capabilities that accurately predict the usage and demand, constantly being updated based on weather and other changing parameters. The settings affecting energy consumption are automatically reset to minimize energy use and demand, maintaining the space temperatures at optimal levels.

Harmful Emissions