Tenant Submetering

Energy Spectrum brings submetering to the next level; whether installing equipment in new construction, upgrading obsolete units or utilizing what’s currently in place, our submetering clients get service far beyond meter installation. Our dedicated team uses proprietary technology to learn your building; issuing accurate custom statements to tenants and ensuring your utility bills are accurate.

EnerPrize ™ Submetering Key Features

Management Software

EnerPrize ™, our energy management software, collects near real time submeter data over the internet, computes customized bills based upon specified utility rates and/or lease provisions, and compile and sorts the data to enable the client to track and compare usage, cost and income by tenant, for any specifically defined period.

  • Faulty meters triggered by usage patterns, can be caught immediately.
  • Tenants can have, if management so desires, their own secure login to see their specific submeter data, as well as previously billed usage and cost data.
  • Submeter bills will be generated by Energy Spectrum on a monthly basis, or as directed by the management.
Management Software
Submetering Expertise


Through working with many buildings and thousands of meters, ESI has advanced expertise in the multitude of submeter systems and technologies.

Submetering Capabilities


We offer the experience required to transition reading, billing, installation and maintenance services from existing installations.

Submetering Integration


The process is a smooth one, integrating all aspects of the submetering scenario, from key personnel to billing registers.

How we can help?

Energy Spectrum, Inc. (ESI) provides clients with a robust, state of the art submeter reading and billing solution. ESI’s offering combines a powerful proprietary technology platform with a team of consultants that are experts in the energy field.

  • Our approach is not just to provide bills each month, but rather to implement a holistic strategy that analyzes tenant consumption, and the associated cost recovery, within the overall building’s energy profile.
  • Our clients have seen tremendous energy savings after integrating a comprehensive submeter strategy into master metered facilities and dramatic improvments to existing submetering buildings.